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x_dead_angels_x's Journal

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-x-_BrItTeR_-x- HeLLo ThERe...
My FULL name is Britany Jayne Genovesi... i have brown hair and brown eyes.. blah blah blah... I LOVE NOLAN..MOLLIE DOLLIE AND OF COURSE SEX MACHINE SARAH... AND U CORT! hehe... My all time fav band is ANTI-FLAG... they kick ass... i also still like The Distillers even though they cancelld that fuckin show in DeTrOiT... I also enjoy listein 2 Mad Caddies, Operation Ivy, The Casualties, Rancid, MxPx, AFI, The Used, NOFX Billy Talent, Choking Victim, sex pistols,ramones,the clash,Leftover Crack n lots more 2 many 2 name! haha Also sum emo {but NOT BLINK 182!! :P *YuCk*} <3__ haha... If u wanna no sumthin just ask!! :)...DUCKY I CAN'T BELIVE U MOVED AWAY (bastard!) lmao jk! hehe

Hello,Oi,bonjour,howdy,okay your not gunna recieve my full name cause its all soo GAY..lol..okay lets see here.. iam female..wellduh umm i got blondish brown hair,blue eyes.. iam just your ordinary mental case(right brit?)anywoo yes i like alot of the bands brit said.. and tons more.. o god dont make me name them...RANCID,LARS AND THE BASTARDS,the casualties,the unseen,nofx,mxpx,anti-flag,,h.i.m,atyreu,billy talent,the used,cky,Distillers,marilyn manson,the unseen,tom petty,led zepplin,acdc,tiger army,taking back sunday,Operation Ivy,sex pistols,the ramones,the clash,afi,agnostic front,dropkick murphys,flogging molly dead kennedys and much much more.. music and drawing are my main love lol..eee I LOVE BRiTTeR very much.. along with my lovers(cortinator,britter,nicola,aylssa,britt.m.,and more)..hmmm..i love the rain.. and my little hide out in the grass..which has been seening alot of me lately..but thats all ..later.(K)(})kiss and hug to you all.